Choose From A Wide Range Of Semiautomatic Shotguns
Whether you prefer to spend time in search of waterfowl out on the hunt or practicing your shooting skills at the range, semiautomatic shotguns are available in several different gauges to suit your application. When it comes to shotguns in this category, powerful 12-gauge semi-auto shotguns are a popular choice for their unparalleled speed and simplistic design. However, 20- and 28-gauge semiautomatic shotguns offer reduced recoil, making them a great option for novice, young and small-frame shooters, as well as those who partake in recreational or competitive skeet shooting. Peruse our assortment of shotguns, including pump-action, over-under and single-shot styles, to find a firearm that’s right for you.

Semi-Auto Shotgun Features
With so many options to choose from, you may have noticed the variety of features available on semiautomatic shotguns. If you plan to customize your semi-auto shotgun, look for models that come equipped with Picatinny rails or cantilever scope mounts that allow you to add optics and other accessories. Shotguns with camo prints keep you concealed in the field, while fiber-optic front sights help you take aim with enhanced precision. For greater comfort, choose semiautomatic shotguns with shock-absorbing recoil pads, which also help prevent slippage for improved accuracy when shooting.