Browse Rimfire Revolvers And Mini Rimfire Revolvers
Add a revolver to your gun collection. Most rimfire revolvers come in .22 WMR calibers and are available from several popular brands, such as Heritage, North American Arms, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Taurus. Choose from durable models crafted with materials like stainless steel, aluminum and polymer that are made to last and styles paired with rubber-molded, wooden and other types of grips. Many revolvers designed with enclosed, snag-resistant hammers boast easier handling and sights built right into the design. If a compact model is more your style, check out the mini rimfire revolvers that fold into the grip – they’ll take up very little space in your range bag.

Rimfire Revolvers Made For Versatility
While browsing .22 LR revolver and .22 WMR revolver collections, be sure to peruse the What’s Included section for helpful extras. Revolvers that come with cases help make storage simple, and those with gun locks included add an extra dose of security and peace of mind. For added versatility, choose a revolver with dual cylinders. They allow you to turn your .22 LR revolver into a .22 WMR revolver whenever you need to, so you don’t have to purchase two separate guns. Explore other types of firearms, outdoor gear and shooting accessories today.