The Benefits Of Over/Under Shotguns
Even with the numerous high-tech firearms available on today’s market, over/under shotguns remain a staple among many clay shooters and bird hunters. But what makes over/under shotguns stand out? For many, it’s simplicity. Like side-by-side shotguns, over-and-under shotguns are built with a distinctive double-barrel construction, though unlike their side-by-side alternatives, over/under firearms have one barrel on top of the other. Many over/under shotguns are known for adhering to traditional design elements, which helps make for simple use and reliable shooting performance. Plus, because they’re often built with durable materials, over/under shotguns are renowned for their ability to stand the test of time.

Over-And-Under Shotguns With Features That Thrill
After selecting the gauge that best suits your shooting application, you’ll have to narrow your list down to those models that deliver the features you truly need. Take stock of your priorities. Are you seeking a firearm that comes fully loaded from the get-go? Look for over/under shotguns outfitted with high-tech sights, ventilated recoil pads and proprietary trigger technologies, many of which allow you to adjust the length of the pull and more. Select a gun that includes choke tubes, which will allow you to tailor your firearm’s performance based on your current needs without having to purchase additional shooting accessories. Don’t think an over/under shotgun is right for you? Browse’s shotgun selection, including semiautomatic shotguns, for more high-quality firearms.